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Amigos de los Animales – Isla Mujeres

Who are we? We are eager volunteers, local residents, capable medical staff, concerned visitors, involved city officials, and so many more. We are everyone who cares about our animal population and are striving to make a positive difference.


Main Players

Some of our amazing and tireless volunteers are listed below but not in order of importance as each one offers a unique service to Isla Animals.

Irene. Irene has been an enormous help with the puppies. She comes three to four times a week and gives all the dogs the special attention they need. This has been wonderful for me, puppies are very time consuming and without extra help I couldn’t get anything else done e.g. getting to know how to work this new website. Irene is also way up there on the scale of “crazy about dogs.”

Molly Fisher. Without Molly’s perseverance and amazing determination it is unlikely that this group would ever have formed. From the moment she arrived on Isla Mujeres, Molly’s heart ached for the local animals and she began doing what she could to improve their living conditions. After adopting and caring for countless cats and dogs she recognized that the only real solution was to begin a massive spay/neuter campaign which she successfully initiated in November of 2001. Molly moved to Puerto Vallarta in 2002 where she has implemented many more spay/neuter clinics and continues to support the Isla project through fundraising, administrative support, as well as returning to help with the annual clinics.

Alison Current. We know her as the woman who currently holds the island animal’s project together. You may know her as that near saint who fosters all the dogs on North Beach. Together with her wonderful husband Jeff and with endless help from both Rudy and Marcelino, she has opened her home to literally hundreds of homeless pups here on Isla. After fostering up to 40 dogs at a time, Alison created the Dog Gone Foundation, an adoption program that has placed hundreds of beautiful pups in loving homes. Alison is grateful to everyone who comes to help her walk, feed, bathe, and love her dogs… Please contact her in advance if you would like to visit.
Dr Arturo Dzul  We have been working with Arturo now for just over 2 years and he is just amazing!  He is our official spay and neuter expert and our first go to vet with anything we need.  He has mastered the spay and neuter techniques taught by Dr. Jeff Young.  Super small incisions, quick surgeries.  The pups always recover really quickly and heal even faster!  We use him for all of our spay and neuter campaigns and we have seen such a positive change, he is a blessing!  Anyone who needs a vet in the Cancun/Isla Mujeres area, we HIGHLY reccomend Arturo and his wonderful team at Petsland! 
Pet Project Rescue. We met Matt and Maia many years ago when they visited Isla Mujeres and adopted one of our dogs. Since then they have started an incredible animal rescue project in Minneapolis, Pet Project Rescue. They are excited to do anything they can to help our Mexican dogs find loving forever homes in the US. Now we can’t imagine Isla Animals functioning without them. You can read more about them at www.petprojectrescue.com
Jeff Current This is my husband who has supported me through all the trials and tribulations of animal rescue. He is the one that understands when I take in another dog and we are already full. He is the one that lets the new dog that needs more time with humans sleep in our bedroom. He is the one that helps me out when we lose a puppy or it all gets overwhelming so he is the one that keep Isla Animals running. Thank you Jeff.
Marcelino. Many years ago we hired Marcelino as a maintenance man, when your house is on the coast the salt air ruins things faster than you can fix them. Little did Marcelino know that he would soon spend most of his time taking care of dogs. He does an awesome job and we couldn’t do what we do without him.


Genevieve Pritchard. For Genevieve, a tender love of animals is a relatively new thing, grown out of the heartbreaking way she saw dogs and cats living on Isla Mujeres. Working with Amigos de los Animales, that love slowly evolved, so much so that she eagerly kept up the program in Molly’s absence. In 2004 she initiated the weekly Spay Day program ensuring at least 300 alterations per year.




A special mention to Claudia Levy who owns a vet clinic in Playa del Carmen; she has cured some of our most complicated cases. She cares for these extra needy animals for free, only charging a minimal fee for medicines. Thank you Thank you. There are some of her cases in our dog story section.






Plus many other dedicated volunteers!! We thank you all!

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