A New Family

Last week an island woman called me to say that her dog had two day old puppies and she didn’t want the puppies and actually she didn’t want the dog either. I told her to take the pups and mom to Delfino, our island vet.

After she dropped them off I went out to meet them. Oh that poor momma, I can’t imagine how she gave birth to those pups. She’s a sweet little black poodle, about one and a half years old. When she arrived she was bone thin and covered with tics. After Delfino put front line on her the tics started crawling up the walls so I cut all the knots out of her fur and picked tics for hours. Delfino gave her IV fluids with vitamins and we fed the pups as much as we could.

Now almost a week later the momma is so much better and able to feed her puppies and wags her tail every time I arrive to take her for a walk. What a doll. The puppies still look like fat sausages with a nose. Ha ha


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I live here on the island. have done so for the past 7 years. Where is this dog and puppies? I am interested in visiting them and talking to somebody about them.

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