I actually called Doug and Eileen about two puppies called Ringo and Star. I was going to ask them to foster the pups. They were excited about it and came over to meet their new project but then we got distracted. Thank goodness their gulf cart broke down because the man that fixes it had a momma and four pups at his house. When I heard that I asked if I could go and see them and then I put de-wormer in my purse, it’s such a boost for a nursing mom. When we saw the mom and the pups it was clear that something had to change. The owner said that two of the pups had already died. So we asked them if we could take them all to my house to get them cleaned up. As usual they looked at us like we were crazy but agreed. Wow, the mom had so many ticks that we had to pick her for hours before we could give her a bath. She had a nail that was so long that it had curled around and jabbed back into her toe which was, of course, infected. Her eyes were infected, her skin had patches of infection and she was so listless that she let us do what ever we wanted to her.She’s a small white dog and has four two week old pups left that are a beautiful brown. The pups were covered with ticks and fleas too but we couldn’t use the tick and flea killing shampoo on them so we just picked at them as they wiggled madly, trying to get back to mom. Their eyes are just open but they aren’t walking yet. Talk about a project. We spent the rest of the day cleaning her up, treating her wounds, cutting off all of her knots and rubbing ointment into the sore spots.Then we called the owners to ask if we could keep her for a few weeks and take care of her pups. They agreed so Eileen and Doug left with a completely different project than they expected.


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That’s my mom & dad!!! Two of the most kind hearted people I have ever known! Thoes puppies and momma dog have a angel watching over them!!!!

‘Everything happens for a reason’!! How wonderful for that Momma and her pups to have been rescued by Alison and now in the care of Eileen and Doug, you all have such big hearts!!!

Hi Allison, Mama and 4 Daughters yes ALL girls are doing good. She is getting 5 meals a day of chicken and liver and kibble. Yesterday she barked and ran Huitzi out of the room. Yes she has her own apartment. She follows me around and the lights seem to be coming back on. Have given her 2 medicated baths and rubbing her skin in the tea tree and is helping a lot. Eyes are clearing up too. Thank you for all your help in her rescue. We think we have spotted daddy, if so they will be very cute little dogs. Have a safe trip back to Canada will get some pictures and keep you up to date on the progress. Thank you again Big Hugs Eileen & Doug Mamma and the girls. Very nice story, thank you.

You guys are real ANGELS!!!!! If there is a haven you are going there!!! Thank you for taken care of the dogs of my birth country.

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