Jeff and I are on the way from Mexico to Colorado in our RV. We drive across the Yucatan Penninsula to the Gulf of Mexico and always stay at this one place in a small town called Isla Iguada. It’s right on the beach and really great.
This year we stayed an extra day because we had some complications sending pups to Toronto and wanted to be available. Of course I’m always watching the local dog situation and on the beach right in front of us were two saddly, skinny puppies living under a boat. I took them some food and expected them to run away but they were incredibly friendly. So Jeff and I talked about taking them but decided it would be really difficult. I spent all day playing with them and giving them food. The day we were leaving we stepped outside the camper and there they were. “Hi, are we leaving today?” What are you going to do??????

So we put them in the shower. They were so good I can’t believe it. They were instantly house trained, never whined and were just a joy. So we get to Texas and there is a lovely retired couple in the camp site across from us. One look at the pups and they adopted them. I’m asking all the questions, not wanting to part with the pups, who I named Tipper and Birdie, so soon. But it was a perfect match. So these wonderful cuties went from starving under a boat to a wonderful life in Texas. It doesn’t get any better than that.


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That is wonderful! I saw Jeff’s video of the pups and they were so cute.

Hi Allison, I love your happy endings.


Thanks for sharing, Allison. It looks like these pups are very smart as well…working you like pros and all for the good. You guys have hugh hearts.

Alison and Jeff

My wife and I are really enjoying the pups. However we did change Birdie’s name to Tinkerbell, My grandaughter is a big fan of the Tinkerbell cartoon series. So now we refer to the as the TNT gsng (Tinkerbell N Tippy). They are so well behaved

Rex Reitmayer

These are very lucky pups! I am the neighbor of the adopted pups’ new family, and believe me, they will have a long and happy life. This couple gives their animals the best of care and lots of love. God bless to all of the animal rescuers out there.

It could only happen to you! Every where you go! I was wondering if Karen is still in Isla or was adopted. She was such a cutie, and personality plus! Have a nice summer.
Nice to see a comment from the new owner of the puppies. Such a nice ending/beginning to your story. Where did those ears come from on those puppies?

Karen is on the mainland with Angie of Rescate Malix. She was part of a group of pups that was sent to Toronto and then returned because some idiot said they were commercial. ha ha I could only wish they were commercial, maybe we could make some money. But of course that was all wrong. We got some grumpy guy who hates dogs and made those pups go through a lot of discomfort. UGH

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