A Dog Day

Yesterday was a great dog day. Maia from Pet Project Rescue, who is here for a visit, and I went out to find Canela. Canela is the dog that arrived at our last spay and neuter clinic in terrible shape. We didn’t want to give her back to her owner but unfortunately through some miss communication she ended up back where she came from.
Unfortunately we didn’t find her but we did find a nursing mom that needed our help. She was covered with tics and fleas and obviously feeding many pups. We asked around until we located her pups in a small courtyard that was infested with ticks, fleas and cockroaches. The owners allowed us to take her and the pups home for a bath. After that we kept them over night, hoping that we can fumigate the little court yard before they go back there.

You may notice from the picture that one of the pups is quite a bit bigger than the rest. That is Scout. Someone brought her in a few days ago and our wonderful Momma dog was kind enough to include her.

Next we found the momma of four adorable pups that were brought to us a week ago. They are all listed on the adoption page, Brando, Gabriel, Erica and Rosa. We got permission from the owners to get the mom spayed and took her straight to the clinic before they changed their mind. Today we are going back for the dad.

We haven’t given up on Canela and will continue our search.


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Thank you Alison and Maia for continuing to search for Canela to make sure that she is safe. I fell in love with that girl. She was so scared but made such progress in trusting in just a week. Thanks again!

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